Dick Decay - The Full Story

March 2, 1999
Jimmy had just got a call at his office about a man that was having uncontrollable spasms in his groin and “it smelt like a rotting rat rectum”, the man knew about Jimmy from a ad in the paper that said “Dr. Jimmy the only man for your Wang discomforts and need to be castrated the fast and easy way, then Jimmy’s your man.” Jimmy did not know it yet but this was the start of one of the worst diseases in the world that infects both
males and females but at first it was thought that dick decay only infected
Males but when it mutated for the second time it found a way to get females.

When the man went to Jimmy’s office he was already in the 2nd stage of dick
Decay and was almost in the 3rd stage of no return. Jimmy was unable to save him.
Richard Hastings died from dick decay 5 weeks later but it helped Jimmy in his research.

The Stages of Dick Decay

Signs of Dick Decay

May 23, 1999
As the weeks went by Jimmy was surprized by the large growth in Dick Decay, Jimmy decided to form an Anti-Dick Decay Team, which consisted of mostly trained monkeys and homless crazys but it got the job done.

January 15, 2000
Jimmy's team found out who started Dick Decay, his name was Jesse Martinez aka Messy Jesse. Jimmy saw the obese beast walking down the side walk out side Manny's Market and saw that the Dick Decay had no effect on him but the DIck decay was swarming around him like it was the mating season of all time. Jimmy didnt try to get to close and capture him because he didnt have the right equipment at the time.

January 17, 2000
Just two days later Jimmy had found out Dick decay had become air born, first thought caused by Jesse having wild monkey butt sex with his pet monkey, it was later found out Messy Jesse started it in slapping his tittys on his cock repeatedly for months and because of the of messiness of his tittys it caused a new disease.
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The Mutations of Dick Decay

November 8, 2000
Dick Decay mutated again and this time it could get females, this caused dick decay to double in size.

December 21, 2000
Messy Jesse started a "Pound me in the ass death camp" wich started over 10 new kinds of Dick Decay, most of them are unidentified and others have no known purpose. "The worst time to have Dick Decay". Jimmy found his death camp in Union Gap, Jesse would pound his prisoners in the ass intell they would get Dick Decay then he would live off of eating the decayed Johnson.

January 5, 2001
A new mutation was found in Jesse's camp. They have no known purpose, They seem to fly up the nose then lay eggs in the back of the eyes but about 10 seconds later the eggs and dick decay dies off. This was the first mutation made in his camp and is sometimes called the caughing disease.

April 12, 2001
The first pictures of Jesse were tooken by Jimmy and Timmy Torso.
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16, 2001
Messy Jesse abandens his death camp and goes missing and also slowed the increase of Dick Decay victums.

July 20, 2001

The Anti-Dick Decay team goes bank rupt from lack of funds and interst, only Jimmy and volenteers are on the team now.

August 25, 2001
Jesse was spotted by a homeless man and told us were his camp grounds were. Jesse was trying to get to Oregon and then probly to California to spread the disease so its out of control and unstopable, but Jimmy set traps for Jesse to stop him.

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Reports of Dick Decay

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Jimmy's Office

Re-inactment of Richard after he saw Jimmy's ad in the paper.




First Messy Jesse Sighting










Jesse's Pound me in the ass death camp

First picture of Jesse's face