Reports of Dick Decay

NAME - Sam Juan
AGE - 43
SEX - Male
LOCATION - Salem Oregon USA
DATE - 12/10/2000
TYPE - Growin Cockus Decayis
STAGE - 3rd
REPORT - The police were getting complaints of a crazy man screaming for hours so they went to Sam Juan’s house to see what happened and when the police found Sam he was in a pool of his own blood and piss and screaming “My cock is dead! My cock is dead!” until they got him to the hospital, where he was treated for Dick Decay. They were able to save his life but not his Jimmy.

NAME - Richard Hastings
AGE - 32
SEX - Male
LOCATION - Yakima Washington USA
DATE - 03/02/1999
TYPE - Dick Decayis
STAGE - 3rd
REPORT - The first report of Dick Decay. He died five weeks after being treated for dick decay.