The Mutations of Dick Decay

“Dick Decayis”
The man first found with dick decay was in March 2, 1999 and about a year later we found the man who started dick decay his name was Jesse Martinez aka Messy Jesse it was said that he started it in February 26, 1999 by slapping his tittys on his cock repeatedly for months and because of the of messiness of his tittys it caused a new disease, but there is new evidence of fossilized cocks in Canada that date back to
October of 1998. This was the original dick decay that usually made your crotch smell bad and usually fall off.

1st “Flightigus Cockus” - This is were dick decay became air born and spread like the common cold after this mutation there was no stopping it. It was first found out by Jimmy in January 17, 2000. Jimmy said he saw Jesse raping his pet monkey to death, when the dick decay started flying out every were, he saw this because of his dick decay goggles that shows red dots were ever dick decayers are. After he reported that dick decay became air born Jimmy said to this to reporters “Holy Jesus!!! Jimmy has never seen so many decayers in all me life but good thing I was in me protection suit, but some still got in so Jimmy ran back to headquarters to spray all of them. Jimmy is now working on a Dick Decay Zapper.”

2nd “Growin Cockus Decayis” - This is when dick decay mutated so it could get females and now make it so even if you cut your cock off you can still get dick decay and still has the flight ability. Jimmy has still not found out how it mutated, some say it mutated on its own and now has the ability to change whenever it wants to. This happened around November of 2000.

3rd “Homo Rectal Mess” - This mutation was made in messy Jesse’s pound me in the ass death camp. And Jimmy has not found a purpose of this one. They seem to fly up the nose then lay eggs in the back off the eyes but about 10 seconds later the eggs and dick decay dies off when they fly up the nose they will make the unexpected victim cough, this will also make other people around them cough. Jimmy has suggested that this might mutate again and most likely blind the victim or make them go cross-eyed. This was discovered by Timmy Torso and Sam Goodoff in January 05, 2001. This mutation does not have the Groin Cockus Decayis but has the flight ability.

There are still other dick decayers but Jimmy and his team of trained monkeys have been unable to identify them.
Of the People that have dick decay there are about 32% of them with Dick Decayis, 40% with Flightigus Cockus, 12% with Homo Rectal Mess, and 16% are still unknown.