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I don't run UO Stratics; I only live here.

Strange things have been happening of late. Read all about it in the commentary section.

UO Auto-Map version 4.0 released

There are several new features in this version including support for the Siege Perilous server boundaries, labels that automatically hide as you zoom out, multi-mon support, and a snazzy new Files pane. Go read the update log for a complete list of all the new features.

As usual, you can find the new version in the downloads section.

Did your server boundaries disappear after the last upgrade?

I am receiving a small number of reports from people who find that after upgrading to UOAM 4.0 the server boundaries are no longer being displayed. It doesn't seem to be very common but it does happen every now and then.

If you are one of the unfortunate few, download and run this program and it will fix the problem.

For the curious: all this program does is add a few missing entries to your system registry.

Chinese translation of UOAM version 4.0 now available. Japanese version updated.

PW Small has provided us with a Chinese translation of the most recent version of UOAM.

Also, Takahiro Matsumoto has provided me with a new Japanese version. Apparently he found and corrected a few translation errors in the earlier version.

Thanks guys.

You can find these and other foreign language versions in the downloads section.

UOAM version 4.0 translated into Portuguese!

Marconi Junior has provided us with a version of UOAM in Portuguese. This is a particularly happy event for me because I actually happen to speak Portuguese (although not quite well enough to want to attempt the translation myself). So to Marconi Junior goes a great big "obrigado"!

(You know where to get it by now. Don't you?)

What's that you say? Belxan is dead?

Alas! `Tis true! Belxan is dead.

Belxan lived and died in the shard of Baja.

You can read about the life and death of Belxan in the story section available via the menu on the left.

You can read about my reasons for leaving the game and my subsequent return in the comments section. But fear not, although I have left the realm of Britannia, Belxan's spirit continues to commune with mine and thou wilt continue to find his musings here although (for now) he remains dead in Sosaria.

WARNING! There are impostors about. Do you think you've spoken to me in Britannia? Well you had better read this before you believe it.

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