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Are you retarded?
Check the items that apply to you
Sometimes I want to smash my self in the groin for no reason.
I like the way poop smells.
People look at me like they just steped in a piece of shit.
All of my friends are retarded.
I laugh for no reason.
My brain hurts when I try to think.
After I fart I sniff it.
I think about fucking donkeys.
People point and laugh at me and I dont know why.
When I look at my self I feel a sharp pain in my groin.
I live in a room with white paded walls.
Sometimes a person shocks me when ive been bad.
People laugh at my man hood or woman hood.
Ive tasted my own piss because I thought it was mountain dew.
My computer is feeled with animal porn.
I wake up all sweaty and my hand is in my pants.
I have fucked a donkey or a farm animal.
People call me retarded.
I already think im retarded.
I put my underwear on backwards sometimes.
My breath smells like shit.
I always say words like schlong or cock.

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