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October 19, 1999
Interview with Jimmy Torso by Don Ho.

Don Ho - How long have you been able to see into the future?

Jimmy Torso - Jimmy no know it very long story, Jimmy no like to talk about, Jimmy have many problems.... Wee Yop!

Don Ho - What?, ok I see Jimmy... What are some of the Prophecies have you made for the next year?

Jimmy Torso - Jimmy says that who ever is next president will be beaten unmercifully and gang rapped by midgets.

Don Ho - What does that realy mean?

Jimmy Torso - Jimmy no like you, you ask too many questions. But it means that he will have many problems with his druppy wang caused by being beaten unmerciful or he shall be shot in the junky maybe even killed by being shot in the Johnson.

Don Ho - I remember hearing something about Decaying Last time we met what was that about?

Jimmy Torso - Oh yes Jimmy has found the Dick Decayer named Jessy or aka Messy Jessy or even Fat Bastard. We Havnt been able to capture him yet but we will soon.

Don Ho - Some people have been calling you the Anti-Christ what do you have to say about that?

Jimmy Torso - Jimmy no like, Jimmy no like.

Don Ho - Ok, why would people being calling you the Anti-Christ?

Jimmy Torso - Probly because the hole world is against Jimmy. They think I started the war in Jerursalem, But Jimmy have nothing to do with that. As you know I moved there about 3 months ago, they throw piles of crap at me and spit in my eye, even kick Jimmy in the junk.

Don Ho - What are some other Prophecies have yuo made?

Jimmy Torso - The Streets shall feel with the blood of the non-believer.

Don Ho - What does that mean?

Jimmy Torso - The street shall feel with blood of the people who dont believe in Jimmy when Jimmy goes to town.

Don Ho - You sure are one crazy son of bitch Jimmy. One last question... What happened when you met Bill Clinton?

Jimmy Torso - Jimmy was very scared when I saw him he had no shirt on, but the most scary thing was that he had a third nipple, that squirts acid Jimmy ran but that acid went every were. You can read more about it in my book "Carl oldy Olson".

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