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Are you an Asshole?
Check the items that apply to you
I take a piss over 4 times a day
I fart longer than other people.
I try to punch or kick people in the nads for no reason.
My dick hurts for no reason.
I like looking at donkey dick.
My asshole changes colors.
I have more than 20 pairs of underwair.
I call the psychic network.
I force my self to take a crap because it feels good.
I made a web page that has something to do with poop.
I like looking at my ass in the mirror.
For Halloween I dressed as a homeless or a gaint ass.
I make fun of fat people because there lard jiggles.
Ive tasted my own piss.
I have a picture of a hairy ass on my desktop.
I wake up all sweaty and skanky.
I let my self go so I can watch my lard move.
I pissed for over 1min before.
I shave my ass.
I like the smell of poop.
My breath smells like shit.
I always say the word schlong or cock.
I store things up my ass.
I have a web page about animals.

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