Jimmy's CD "Can of Beans"
Jimmy's music for the bean lovers, with the hit song "Can of Beans" and remixes.
Jimmy's Remix CD "Fruit Cake"
This CD has re-mixes of The hit Cd "Fruit Basket" plus the unreleased song "Big Jesse".
Jimmy's Book "How To Fuck The System"
Jimmy tells the ways of fucking the system many times, based on a true story writen by Don Ho and Jimmy Torso.
Jimmy's CD "Retard Wagon Train - Fruit Basket"
Smash hits "Nuts like a truck" and "PooP" featuring Skanky Ho & Homeless Crazy.
Anti-Dick Decay Spray
The Easiest way to get rid of that nasty dick decay fast and easy.
Viagra Dispencer
One of Jimmy's newest products that help those people with druppy wangs.
Jimmy's Home Castration Kit
The new way of castration, the Jimmy way. It loads of fun and best of all its easy.

Have you ever crapped your pants?
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Only when I was a baby

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