Jimmy's running for president in 2004 for the local Mental Hospital.

Its a race between Sam Goodoff, Robert McGee, and Jimmy Torso. Who will become the next President of The Washingtons State Mental Hospital?

Jimmy is the only one who seems to have started trying to get mentals to vote for him this early so we interviewed him about why he started so early and he sayed "Jimmy number one mental fan, if you dont believe me ask the mentals they know who they want spanking and giving them shock trietment, Jimmy the only one who lets them choose were they want to get the shock if it in the junk or the eyes Jimmy will let them choose and Jimmy sure knows how it feels to get shocked in the scrotum on a hot summer day and boy does it feel good. One time Jimmy was walking down the street when a fat hairy midget pulled out a stun gun and shot Jimmy right in the back of me nuts it hurt at first but then it started feeling not so bad." Jimmy went on for about another 2 hours so we couldnt put the full thing on the page.

We got to see some of "Jimmy's Mentals" out side of Sam Goodoffs house with signs and boards with nails in them. When we went to interview him me and my camra crue were beat unmersaful so we couldnt get an interview with Sam but we got some pictures of the mentals.

No one even knows who Robert McGee is so we didnt ever try to find find him some of the mentals say its just a guy that lives in a garbage can behind the hospital.