Poop (Retard Remix) Music Video - A very low budget music video of a great remix.

Can of Beans
- On the Album Can of Beans. The song is about how Jimmy tried to trap Jesse using food.

Can of Beans (Easy Listening Mix)
- Also on the Can of Beans Album, Jimmy was trying to make it a little easier to understand.

Poop (Retard Remix)
- On Jimmy's first remix CD Fruit Cake, remaking the hit song Poop.

Mui Retardido (Sloppy Remix)
- On the Fruit Cake Album. This song was made to make you crap your pants.

Poop - Jimmy's very first song ever made, when Jimmy was playing music in bathrooms and street corners.

Mui Retardido - On the album Fruit Basket, the song was making fun of a lady who always tryed to talk in spanish but didnt know any spanish exept a couple of words.