Jesse on The Run

After months of no sightings, Jesse has slipped up and was found on his way to Oragon, Jimmy's theary has proven correct!!! Jesse is trying to make him way to california.

The only thing we found were the messy remains of his camp grounds, but a local homeless man was an eye witness to monstrocity.

The homless man told us "Ive seen him!!! That lard monster stole my clothes, then I folowed him to try and get them back but when I got to his camp it was too much for me to bare.... The smell was like nothing ive ever smelled in my life, I passed out right there... who knows what he did to me?"

We will set up a Jesse trap to stop him from leaving Washington. The trap will be a hole in the ground with food in it, the hole will be just big enough for his hand to fit in but when he makes a fist to grab the food his hand will be stuck. Jesse will be to hungry to let go of the food and get free.

Below are some pictures Messy Jesse's camp ground near Oragon.