Jimmy's Flash Movies

Aaron The Donkey Lover
An epic tale, of one man's lover for his donkey. Made from actual pictures tooken by Timmy & Jimmy Torso.

Aaron The Donkey Lover 2 : Revenge of The Donkey Fucker
Aaron comes back to get his revenge on the donkey that killed him. This 2nd Aaron adventure is not true and made from the same pictures and the first Donkey Lover movie.
Nobody Fucks With The Jesus
Jimmy got a picture of Midget Jesus his roomate and had a little fun by putting a famous line from "The Big Labowski".

Slat The Dick Decayers
A game Jimmy created to train for shooting Dick Decay Bugs and Messy Jesse

Poke Jimmy in The Jimmy Game
A game made to help make people feel sorry for Jimmy and help make monkey, but it didn't work.