Jimmy's Viagra Dispenser
Jimmy's Viagra dispenser comes with 3 packs of viagra with 10 in each pack.
Save time and no more eating 20 at a time so your cock doesnt explode from trying to eat it straight from the bottle! No more trying to open that damn bottle and spilling all of the viagra on the ground then when you try to pick them up you rip your sack on a nail. Now theres a easier way the pez way, after Jimmy was looking at a pez despencer for a hour because it looked like a cock Jimmy got an idea, Jimmy need viagra because Jimmy's, Jimmy isnt working to good Jimmy bashed it good but nothing happened so Jimmy made the Viagra Dispencer.

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Remember, if it doesnt have the famous Jimmy seal, its not made by Jimmy

Warning: Jimmy's made this viagra him sell and has not been tested use at your own risk. May cause dick decay and your scrotum may shrink a couple of inches.